Phage Wars

Phage Wars

Play Phage Wars here, one of the best flash games ever made!

I found this ludicrously easy. The problem is that once you have the upper hand, it's impossible for the enemy to keep up. Grab as many small cells as quickly as you can, then start wiping out the enemy. Still, it was fun! Closer and bigger before the small ones. They increase your numbers faster, then spread to the small ones. Would be interesting to see how this would play out in a multiplayer version.

It's really not that hard.

Did anyone play this for a long time and go back to normal internet and find everything absorbingly and quite glaringly square? I think I've grown a fondness to circular objects.

It's a pretty great game, but you need a good computer to play it. If your having trouble playing it in your browser you can just download it here. Make sure your right click and save as to your desktop.

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